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March 4th, 2007 · 10 Comments · Games

I will have my Wii on Friday, when I go home for spring break! 🙂

However my TV tuner is not working satisfactory on Vista.  I will have to boot into XP and Ubuntu to see if it’s limited to there… I should probably just get a new one or some sort of Composite->VGA adapter or something.

Also the Wiimote isn’t working in Vista… GlovePIE won’t run without crashing (weird, I swear it was working before), and BlueSoleil won’t install properly.

Interestingly, MS’ Bluetooth drivers can detect the Wiimote and even go as far as to add it to Game Controllers.  But it detects no axis or buttons  so that’s fairly useless.  I recall when I had GlovePIE working that it wasn’t able to make use of the MS drivers either.

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