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Here is where I will store all my file downloads and uncompleted project information. After each project name there is some misc info including: current version number, date of that version’s release (or last project update), any prerequisites or requirements, and a special “Portable” tag if the program operates as expected when run from a portable drive on any computer. There is also a download button, and an expander button on the far left. Click that or the project name to see more details about what it does, and the current status.

Released Projects

Google Chrome Portable

Win32 – Portable

Google Chrome is a small, lightweight browser with focuses on speed and security. Even though it is lacking in features, these are being built on top of the excellent base that has already been made. My portable installer and launcher allows you to take a copy of Google Chrome wherever you go. (I am not affiliated with Google or the Google Chrome project.) The download link will take you to the page, with installers built by the team using my code as a base. I periodically upload test builds here, though.

SVN Explorer v1.0.0 R2 – January 2nd, 2010

.NET 2.0 – Win32 – Portable

This GUI tool provides a read-only wrapper around the command line Cygwin svn.exe, allowing you to navigate a SVN repository using an Explorer-like interface. You can download individual files and view properties and log history for files and folders, as well as navigate forward and backward in time thanks to the power of SVN revisions. This tool was created to help browse SVN repositories without a web-based browsing interface.

AppCompactor v1.2 -January 2nd, 2010

.NET 2.0 – Win32 – Portable

AppCompactor will recursively recompress archives and executable files to cut down on programs’ sizes so they can make optimal use of limited space on portable drives. The types of compression use are in-place… programs can still be run normally. AppCompactor will not work for all programs so it includes automatic backup so you can test the newly compacted programs and restore from backup if they are not compatible with AppCompactor. AppCompactor uses UPX and 7-zip binaries as its core.

EasyScreenshot.NET v2.0 – January 2nd, 2010

.NET 2.0 – Win32 – Portable

A tool which aims to make it super easy to take and upload screenshots. After setting it up it’s as easy as double clicking on the tray icon, then clicking and dragging over the region to capture, which is then saved to disk as a specific or the most efficient file format, and then uploaded to your FTP server of choice. User interaction is minimal by default and all aspects can be customized. Also offers a quick “desktop” screenshot mode and a one-click “capture window” mode.

One Number v1.2.0.9 – January 2nd, 2010

Google Chrome Extension

So you have your favorite “checker” extensions and you think that your Chrome toolbar is just a little too crowded, and you want to free up some of those buttons but you can’t bear to sacrifice the functionality. What if you could gather your favorite Google services into one button… the unread counts into One Number? One Number offers previews of unread items, a UI that fits with Chrome, the ability to selectively choose which services you want to check with One Number, and two-click access to open all services with unead items at once.

Knight v1.0 beta R6 – January 21st, 2016

.NET 2.0 – Win32 – Portable

My new mod manager for the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series of games, to replace the old and slow UJMM. Screenshots and more info are here.

WiimoteScript v1.0 beta R2 – January 2nd, 2010

.NET 2.0 – Win32 – Portable

An app which uses a .NET library and the great dynamic compiling functionality built into .NET to allow you to write scripts to map your Wiimote, connected to your PC via Bluetooth, to your keyboard or mouse so you can play PC games with it. Tons of glitches (the library I use isn’t perfect) but it’s good enough for a public preview I think.

Portable Taskbar v1.0 beta – October 4th, 2009

.NET 2.0 – Win32 – Portable

A portable taskbar. Designed to be more heavy-duty than other portable menus for portable devices, but also quick to load and use from portable devices. Includes a taskbar which shows only portable programs running as well as a start menu. Mostly themeable, still a few quirks to work out eventually.

Dark Frontend v3.1 final – September 22nd, 2009

Euphoria – MS-DOS/DOSBox

My old mod manager for Dark Forces. Here for archival purposes (use Knight) though Knight has built in support for it since you don’t have to pop in and out of DOSBox to use it.

Dark Frontend Source Code v3.1 final – September 22nd, 2009

Euphoria – MS-DOS/DOSBox

Source code for the above. This is mostly for the curious, don’t expect it to compile in modern Euphoria for Windows. Also, note that this is very old code and not representive of my current work (Euphoria didn’t support classes even… yuck!).

Garry’s Dir Listing Script Mod March 2nd, 2009


Garry made this script originally and I’ve taken it and pretty much rewritten 90% of it. This includes turning it into XHTML, giving it PicLens support, adding support for a few more image formats and making the layout look a bit nicer, especially in Firefox 3 and Webkit. Feel free to check out a live version here. You can also click the link at the bottom for garry’s original version download, and here is a live version of his. To use my version, edit config.php and set everything how you want it, then place everything in a directory somewhere (NOT where you want users to browse, though it needs to be inside public_html as stuff in res/ is used by the default template). In each directory you want users to browse with my styling, make a new index.php (assuming you have index.php already set up to be an index page) and require() the garry’s dir mod index.php.

PathEnv v1.0 – December 16th, 2008

.NET 2.0 – Win32 – Portable

This tool is a quick and easy way to control your path environment variable, which controls where Windows looks for files you try to open or programs you try to run, when they aren’t in the current path. You can drag and drop to change the search order, add your own, or remove extra ones you don’t need. You can also add user-specific paths. I recommend backing up HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment in case there’s a bug. I tested it pretty thoroughly, but it’s best to be safe. 🙂 Uses Silk icons and code from this.

SoundSchemeManager v1.0 – December 16th, 2008

.NET 2.0 – Win32 – Portable

This tool aims to make it easier to manage Windows sound schemes. A folder browser included right in the UI instead of a separate window makes this easier. You can also make .REG backups of your sound schemes or appevents (the events that you assign sound effects to) as well as clean up appevents or sound schemes you don’t want any more. The main feature that I am proud of is that you can export a specific sound scheme to a .REG file… so you can easily share sound schemes now without other users requiring special software! Note that I recommend you make a backup of your HKLM\AppEvents registry key so you can recover in case you run into a bad bug… though that shouldn’t happen. Uses Silk icons and code from this.

Über Jedi Mod Manager v3.0 beta – June 4th, 2008

.NET 2.0 – Win32

This is a mod manager for the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series of games. It lacks some features that Patch Commander has (most notably Patch Repositories, which were never updated anyways, and mod conflict-finding, which proved to be super slow in tests…) but it makes up for it by being flexible, supporting more games, and having more features such as allowing you to keep mods compressed in .ZIP format. It was originally designed as a part of a whole suite of tools for the Jedi Knight player, but I scaled it back when that proved too big a venture. I am hoping Generic Game Launcher will replace this, however GGL’s generic-ness currently does not allow more than one mod for use at a time, which both Patch Commander allow and UJMM use and which some mods take advantage of. So I’ll still keep this around. Screenshots are here. UJMM has been discontinued in favor of my new project Knight.

Clipboard Catcher v2.0 Alpha – May 1st, 2007

.NET 2.0 – Win32

Clipboard Catcher stores a history of clipboard contents, as well as allowing you to modify the clipboard contents to a finer degree than most clipboard programs, allowing you to export and import individual data formats as well as add/delete data formats and edit some data formats. Want an image and text on the clipboard at the same time? No problem!

Start – Extra v1.0 – July 27st, 2006

.NET 2.0 – Win32

This program automates the process of adding the “extra” item to your start menu in XP (where the padlock icon appears when you are connected via Remote Desktop, or where some OEMs, such as Dell, place a special start menu item that cannot be removed. The item may only show up if NOT using the Classic Start Menu.

On-Going Projects

TrayManager May 28th, 2008

.NET 2.0 – Win32 – Portable

A plug-in based tray tool which allows you to use the modules you find the most useful to build a custom tray menu with functions you find the most useful. Process control and services control are the two existing plug-ins at the moment. I am also going to implement EasyScreenshot.NET in the form of a plug-in.

Generic Game Launcher build 9 – February 9th, 2007

.NET 2.0 – Win32

A tool designed to be able to support games and game mods for any game, using a plug-in architecture. Currently only standard Windows games, standard Windows Vista games, and a subset of Steam games, are included in plug-ins. However the main program is feature-complete. If you want to mess around with making a plug-in, add the DLL as a reference in your project and implement the IPlugin interface therein.