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I need to post more.

July 21st, 2010 · 8 Comments · Google Chrome Extensions

I got ScribeFire for Chrome so hopefully I can remember post more often on mah blag.  I’ve been too tired from programming with my job to really work on One Number as much as I’d want.  I do have free time but I usually just feel like playing Team Fortress 2. 🙂

I have done most of the framework for the core.  Most recently I added desktop notifications… they only show counts though.  Maybe I can eventually have services actually read summaries of unread items (currently all services could do this easily except my Google Reader class) and show them in notifications.  But that won’t be for the next version.

Next I need to work on audio notifications (a user-defined audio file to play when you get new messages), a few bug fixes, and then I can move on to new services like Twitter, Buzz, Google Calender, and maybe more.

Also a nice guy named Joris Van Hecke sent me a French translation.  I’ll have to have him update it with new strings for the next release, but this means French users will be able to install the “Seul Numéro”* extension! 🙂

* – Actually he left the name “One Number” but I like the way Google Translate makes it sound! 🙂

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