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My Headset Annoys Me

July 16th, 2009 · 13 Comments · Games, Windows

Whenever my mic stops working, I must remember to try the following diagnostics in the following order to avoid maximum frustration with the dumb thing:

  • Verify the mic does indeed seem to be not working, and that the person who notified you isn’t deaf.  Usually I also check the app’s own volume settings for the mic here.
  • Check that the mic mute switch that I never use or need on the volume control didn’t flick itself to off.
  • Open Volume  Control’s Recording view and make sure some random app didn’t change the mic volume or the input device.
  • Make sure the “convenient detatchable mic” didn’t inconceniently partially detatch itself from the headset.
  • Only then do I crawl behind my computer to check the mic plug.
  • If it still doesn’t work, another stupid headset broke, buy a new one that is slightly more expensive than the previous one and hope it works better.

All of these have happened to me at some pont or another, except for the first one.  The easiest solution is NEVER the answer.  Fortunately my newest headset’s cord is short enough that my chair doesn’t accidentally roll over it and yank the headset off of my head… and connections loose, as has happened with all my previous ones.  So I seem to be safe from the last solution too for the time being.

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