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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Infernal Crystal Machine Skull

June 8th, 2008 · No Comments · Games

I have found that the latest movie has more than a passing resemblance to a classic PC game which unfortunately is a bit hard to get working on modern PCs. Somehow it magically started working again on my PC (not sure what I did) so I’ve been playing through it again.

While talking on IRC yesterday I decided to make a list of the major points of similarity. I’ll leave off the obvious things such as Indy making sure he doesn’t lose his hat and such.

Obviously this will be chock-full of spoilers for BOTH the movie and the game so be warned.

  1. An ancient culture worships an alien (or alien race) from another dimension as a god and builds a structure to honor them.
  2. A woman who believes in psychic powers is harmed near the end of the story by the aforementioned alien.
  3. We only get to see the living, true form of this alien (or race) at the end of the story.
  4. Some glimpses of it are offered before then in statues or dead bodies.
  5. At the end the ancient structure collapses and Indy must rush out of it.
  6. At some point Indy has to navigate shrinking platforms attached to an arcing wall over a large drop.
  7. Indy rides a boat down waterways.
  8. Dr. Jones is living his routine life until someone finds him to tell him his help is needed elsewhere, and then the adventure starts.
  9. Indy is betrayed by someone he thought was an ally.
  10. Near the end, the villain messes with alien technology in an ancient culture’s shrine in an attempt to gain power, and in doing so puts everyone at risk.
  11. The Soviets are a prominent “bad guy”.
  12. Indy is captured by the Soviets (at least) once, but escapes, beating them to their destination.

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