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Guardian of Paradise

May 4th, 2007 · 7 Comments · Games

I found this neat game called Guardian of Paradise. It’s obviously Zelda-influenced, although it has some very nice new ideas mixed into it. There is no main overworld though, and the idea of dungeons is a bit blurred; basically, every place you go is a new level.

Halfway through the game I switched back from using Vista to XP. I got sick and tired of slow gaming and not being able to use my Wiimote and I decided to switch back. I’ll probably stay in XP for awhile now. Anyways I made a neat control scheme for GoP as well as tweaked my existing mouse using some sample scripts to make use of the IR sensor bar. Unfortunately the bar is only on while the Wii console is on and not sleeping, so I might need a wireless bar if I intend to use a Wiimote more often as a mouse. It is fun though, and should make using the pointer for FPSs more fun, although right now GlovePIE isn’t recognizing one of my controllers (BlueSoleil has no problem) and completely ignored a nunchuck I plugged into one that worked. I’m sure it’ll magically start working eventually.

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