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April 10th, 2007 · 42 Comments · Programming

I’ve made a cool Stylish style to place a nice colorful Firefox logo in place of the boring solid white about:blank page.  Alot better than my previous ugly dark page with “about:blank” lettering.

Download the Stylish script here.

If you’re not familiar with Stylish… here’s what you need to use Stylish scripts:

  1. Firefox 1.5 or above (Stylish is a Firefox add-on!)
  2. Stylish (A Firefox add-on which allows you to change the way websites and even the browser itself appears!  Purely techy stuff to write your own styles, but there are pre-made styles available online.)

Once you have Stylish installed, Firefox will have a pen and notebook icon visible in the statusbar.  Right click it and choose “Write style > Blank style”.  Then copy and paste the full text of my style into the main text box.  Then you can give it a name in the textbox on top.  Click Preview to see how it will look (remember to open about:blank or you won’t see it) and Save to permanently add it to your installed styles.

I think there’s a way I can make a link to have it install automagically, but the main website for styles,, is down at the moment so I can’t see how they do it.  Can’t add my style there either. 🙁

Update: Some comments have said that this affects JavaScript generated content, which I noticed after using it for a bit.  This is easy to fix with some clever tweaking (a CSSrule to only apply the styling if the body element is empty… since any practical use of JavaScript generated content requires there to be, well, CONTENT, I found this fixes the problem nicely.  You can download the fixed version above.


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