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Maybe I’ll make a longer post after all.

May 8th, 2008 · 10 Comments · Programming

I just finished up the newest version of my screenshot tool. Give it a try here. I’m getting good feedback about it. The changelog is here.

I made a bunch of changes that will allow it to be easily incorporated into my newest tool, which is a plugin-oriented system tray tool. Basically the idea is you can mix and match the modules you want to have easy access to through a system tray icon. Right now all I have is a processes menu for killing and process priority and a services menu for stopping, starting, etc. I plan to add a more complex plugin that will allow for you to group processes and services together into tasks… and you can start/stop them at whim. I would use it to start/stop the firewall, anti-virus, Apache + MySQL, UnrealIRCd + Anope, etc with a click for each “task”. I had a similar tool but it used a dialog and it had all the “tasks” hardcoded into the app. I think doing it again as a system tray icon would make it easier to use and more likely I’d use it.


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