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April 12th, 2008 · 13 Comments · Website

I need to force myself to post more often. When I end up posting like now I end up having a lot to talk about. Maybe if I post right when I wake up, or make a set time for posting every day or something.I released a few apps I’ve been working on… EasyScreenshot.NET is a screenshot program which aims for minimal user interaction, and for automatically saving and uploading images via FTP. I’ve gotten a couple good ideas I might still need to implement but right now the basic stuff that makes it very useful for me is in there.

AppCompactor compresses programs by using UPX to compress binary files and 7-zip to recompress archives. Interestingly shortly before I released it or even announced it John Haller came out of the blue and released a similar tool. And after I announced and released mine he renamed his to match… I know he saw my comment about my tool, he replied to it… but I’ll let him use the name too since he’s a nice guy. 🙂 Check out his stuff.

Oh yeah, both of my programs require .NET Framework 2.0 or greater. Windows Update should recommend it to you if you don’t have it already. Vista ships with it.

Speaking of Vista, I always knew it ran slow on my machine but it was really crawling like I never remembered. I installed SP1 and that seemed to improve it a little, but I’m not going to use it regularly just for pretty borders and annoying pop up dialogs. Between XP and Ubuntu I believe I’m covered. Windows 7 sounds like it could be more promising, but so did Vista before half the feature set was dropped, etc.

I’ve been playing far too much Team Fortress 2 lately. There should be an update in a week or so with new content including a new map/gamemode, upgrades and achievements for the Medic class, and a new “Meet the…” video.

For April Fools I stuck a copy of a domain squatter’s index on my front page and asked various people in IM chat and on IRC if they could access my site, claiming I couldn’t. I got a few people with that. Good fun. The search box even points to Google. I thought that was a good easter egg myself.

I upgraded to WordPress 2.5. I also approved and disapproved some comments. I probably will forget about comments and never check them ever again. Oh well. There are actually still a number of “borderline” spam comments but I stopped caring once I got rid of the obvious ones. Maybe I can tweak my WordPress install so it’ll break bots. It would only take a change of one POST variable, really…

Now to complete this blog post by having every category tag I’ve made apply to this single post, I’m gonna talk about Wii stuff. OK. So Wii homebrew has become possible thanks to a buffer overflow vulnerability in the Twilight Princess save game loader and there are more and more homebrew apps becoming available every week. Right now it’s just ports of GameCube homebrew since I guess the Wii uses a superset of the old GameCube API. But I have faith that soon we’ll see ScummVM with Wiimote support, etc.

And I just realized WordPress has both categories and tags, which makes no sense to me because categories act like tags. Weird.

Well I had a few more minor things, but I’ve covered enough topics for one post I think. 🙂 Enjoy my programs.

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