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Playing Pinball with Post Topics

January 8th, 2008 · 10 Comments · Windows

Well I should probably start blogging again.  I’ve gotten the ScribeFire extension for Firefox which seems to be better than the last time I used it, although I lacks a “more” insert which of course allows me to put a “More…” link there which links to the individual post page with the complete post.  I think I didn’t like that before, but having a browser-based interface would make me more likely to post.

So what have I been up to… I’ve been working on a few programs for my portfolio eventually, since I’m STILL job hunting.

First we have EasyScreenshot.NET which I made to make taking and uploading pictures to a FTP server simple and easy.  The only features I might still want to add are quick changing of the image format to save pictures in, and a quick option to take a picture and paste it on the clipboard without saving or uploading it.  Would be useful for Trillian Astra, which doesn’t currently have proper multi-monitor support in it’s screenshot feature (although that feature largely inspired mine).

Here is the repository for my uploaded images:  There are also a couple other things there like the download for ES.NET as well as a symlink to my current forum avatar so I can change it easily without having to change urls on whatever forums I’m signed up for.

Yes, I do like Stargate.  I also like making animated GIFs from TV show clips.  Fun fun.  Making them avatar size is a bit annoying though… too small to see clearly, plus they have to be short and at a choppy FPS or else 56k users complain.  I usually use 1mb as a limit, and quote now-low broadband prices to anyone who complains.

But I digress… EasyScreenshot.NET… I made it portable, too!  Settings are stored in an XML file instead of the registry.  Only caveat is I can’t store per-user settings (but then again, neither can any other portable solution really…) but if you really want to, each user could use their own copy of the program in a separate directory.  Easy enough.  The XML solution I made also was easy to move to another program I’m making.

I saw this program called AntiFreeze which has a good idea for a task manager replacement (freeze all programs when you press a hotkey so anything running away with the CPU immedaitely stops, then you can take care of it).  However, it seems some processes don’t like being suspended and tend to lock the computer up.  Probably because they have hooks into system functions or something. 🙁

Anyways I ran into this problem and decided to try my hand at cloning AntiFreeze.  I did remarkably well, having locked my computer up the same way several times. 🙂

I also discovered the process which didn’t like being frozen… I suppose this is now the second time I made a program clone because I thought the original was totally broken (when it was only partially).  If you’re curious, it’s TaskSwitchXP.  I imagine any task switching replacement, such as MS’ CoolSwitch Powertoy, would also cause a system freeze if it was suspended.  So don’t.

My AntiFreeze replacement will be called Red Handed… you know, to catch processes Red Handed at running away with the CPU.  I haven’t worked on it in a bit though.  I can’t bring myself to actually test it (it’s finished) because I’m afraid my computer will lock up again, and whenever I think about testing it I’m usually running something I don’t want to have to start over…

I recently bought a Wii Wireless Sensor Bar.  Now, I normally hate excess wireless things, because a) they tend to require batteries and battery replacements and b) when the batteries die it’s usually in following Murphy’s Law, that is, I’d be playing a multiplayer game and then my controller dies and then my avatar follows.

But, I’m still using my wired bar with my Wii.  This wireless one would be cleverly used to allow me to use a Wiimote with my PC.  See, the wired sensor bar turns off if the Wii goes to sleep.  A wireless one would not, thus making it perfect for PC use… except that whoever designed this stupid thing decided to save energy it should turn itself off after 2 hours… and there is no “I know what I’m doing, stay on forever” switch.  If using a Wiimote on a PC wasn’t possible I really don’t see how these things could sell.

Which brings me to my next bit: my Wiimote stopped working on my PC and I have no clue why.  Maybe it’s because I’m using a different Wiimote and I should try one of my others… anyways, the Wiimote pairs with my PC using the newest BlueSoleil drivers (5.05) under Windows XP.  I should try under Vista later since hopefully BlueSoleil for Vista actually installs now instead of claiming to install but not actually doing much.  I suppose giving the Wiimote a try under Linux might have some hope since if something doesn’t work usually someone somewhere is banging away at source code to make it work, and I figure that has to be done by now.

So anyways… my Wiimote pairs, BlueSoleil connects to the HID service on the Wiimote, but the two most common apps, GlovePIE and WiinRemote, don’t see it.  I really don’t want to try messing around with using older versions of BlueSoleil… I can’t find anything relating to my problem under Google so if anyone has any ideas I’d appreciate them.  This would include if anyone IS using the Wiimote with BlueSoleil 5 successfully, since then I could eliminate that as my problem.

I suppose I should just reinstall XP and that would probably make it magically work again, but I really don’t want to go through the hassle.  I don’t even like the hassle of just rebooting…

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