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February 12th, 2007 · No Comments · Website

I found this interesting blogging add-on for Firefox, called Performancing.  It seems to focus mostly focus on uninteresting extra features; the WordPress interface is more sophisticated than this plugin’s.

When I click ‘Add Link’ for example, I would at least expect to have it use the current open page as the default URL.  Nope.  It uses ‘http://’.  How plebeian.  I have since found out that you have to right click the page in question to find the option… why can’t it simply be a toolbar button in the editor?

Also, I see a distinct lack of blog-specific features; only generic ones.  For example, I can’t add the “More…” separator.  Also Firefox’s spell checking seems to be DISABLED for this extension.  This annoys me… WordPress’ spell check never worked for me either but I never really needed it because Firefox has built in spell checking.  Not only does Performancing not have any, it DISABLES Firefox’s!

I’m going to look for a better extension (unlikely to find one, since THIS was the “recommended” one) but currently Mozilla’s database seems to have failed.  Figures.  First they recommend a halfway blog extension and then their server commits sepuku.


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