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Nintendo Wii/DS/PSP Compatible

January 11th, 2007 · 15 Comments · Website

I was browsing Joystiq and found a neat WordPress plugin suite to add themes which automatically get used if you browse a blog from a Wii, DS, or PSP. The themes are ugly, but they will probably work better for the small resolutions than the full-blown theme I’m using here.

To test them, you’ll need to change your User Agent string. Firefox users can get an extension for it, Opera users have it built in, Internet Explorer users can try something like IE7pro (it’s not for IE6 of course).

To test the Nintendo Wii one, put “Nintendo Wii” somewhere in your user agent string. For PSP, put “PSP”. For Nintendo DS guess… WRONG. You put “Nitro”. The full user agent strings are buried in this list.

I also found something else cool. It’s hard though… plan on abusing save states. I haven’t gotten the sword yet, although I saw where they put it.

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