Notes, etc.

Enable JavaScript for this domain/page for super-awesome preview feature and "pretty", forum-compatible urls*.

* Some forums will block [img] tags with ? or & in them, or that don't have .jpg etc at the very end of the url... presumably, to stop forum posters from logging the IP addresses of anyone who views their posts... but there's no way to fully prevent that besides blocking [img] entirely, so it ends up hurting legitimate users. My "pretty" urls look like static files to all forum software and work around that inconvenience.

Wow, I'm on Kotaku (sorta).

If you post images from here where more than a few people might view them, I'd appreciate it if you would first mirror them elsewhere (for example, here) so as not to make my bandwidth usage jump 100-fold. God forbid I have to actually start paying for my webspace. Thanks. :)

Also I will now hopefully decrease the chances of me being charged for my webspace by plugging my benefactor's site.

Color widget from here.

You can also specify alpha colors in RRGGBBAA or RGBA format. The widget can't pick alpha.